Totally Filler - Solo: A Star Wars Tale


No stories or worldbuilding this week. Quentin is moving and Daniel is working on some double top secret side projects this week, so we needed a week. Instead of a regular episode, enjoy this spoiler-free-ish review of SOLO. However, there are some spoilers for the Return of the Jedi and the Prequels.

We are joined by Mike Sandberg and Ian R. Buck. This is episode was also aired on the Nexus TV and Cinemike. For the full episode, check out their shows.

If movies about space aren’t your thing then I highly recommend checking out the Fourth Journal or Headline Heroes. We’ll be back next week with another exciting episode of Double Issue. We are working on a couple of stories about “tabula rasa” and at some point a part two for our Citadel City talk. Till then, keep on... being super!



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