9 - Birthdays (Stories)


If you already have this episode downloaded, this is the version with the fixed audio. Otherwise, Welcome back to Josh Freeman's Double Issue Podcast. The only podcast where you can get stories straight from the creator of the Double Issue Universe, Josh Freeman. Except this week as he brings on a few guests to do their stories for the prompt Birthdays. Why? Because they have birthdays!

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Freeharmonics by the Freeharmonic Orchestra CC-BY 4.0

Gang of Alley cats by Komiku CC0 1.0

It's Your Birthday! by Monk Turner + Fascinoma CC-BY 3.0

Happy Birthday by Kiai CC-BY 3.0

Aurora by Kevin Hartnell CC-BY 4.0

Battle Theme by Komiku CC0 1.0

Monster by Soft and Furious CC0 1.0


Sound Effects

Pieces of Concrete 02 by kingsrow CC0 1.0

Monster 2 by Sea Fury CC-BY 3.0

Monster Howl by Bananaboatman33 CC0 1.0

Stretched Smash by Timbre CC-BY-NC 3.0

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