48 - Unfinished (Stories)


In this installment of Double Issue; Daniel spins yarns from the cuttingroom floor rejects. Story bits that were chopped and thrown away. Also a brand new story that never found it’s place before. This and lots of side tangents in this week’s audio adventure.


Next week, join Daniel as he explores some world building through RPGs!



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Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

Guns v Butter by Health & Beauty CC BY SA 4.0

G of the Bang by Doctor Turtle CC BY 4.0

Wall by Jahzzar CC BY SA 4.0

Endeavour by Jahzzar CC BY SA 4.0

More Scared of You by Nihilore CC BY 3.0

Vampire by Demoiselle Döner CC0 BY 1.0

Obsolete (lofi samba rock) by Keshco CC BY SA 4.0

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Digital phone ring bip by muses212 CC0 BY 1.0

Phone call fail by vintage2005 CC0 BY 1.0

Creaking Metal - Slow by EagleStealthTeam CC0 BY 1.0

Wood crack by Diramus CC0 BY 1.0

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