22 - Tabula Rasa (Stories)


This week we finally get around to the stories with the prompt Tabula Rasa. Also It’s sort of a blank slate for the show as this is our first episode for releasing on Mondays. Even if we just barely made it for this one. Enjoy the stories and see you next week. Hopefully earlier ;).

Shows we talked about:

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Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonic Orchestra  CC BY 4.0

Unconquered Sun by The Freeharmonic Orchestra CC BY 4.0

Sleepless by The Freeharmonic Orchestra CC BY 4.0

Decay Anxiety IV by <1 CC BY 4.0

The Narrative Changes by Revolution Void CC BY 3.0

Effects of Elevation by Revolution Void CC BY 3.0

Night Owl by Broke For Free CC-BY 3.0

jimnopedies by Uncle Milk CC BY 4.0

From the Free Music Archive


Sound Effects

Explosion_001 by Cydon CC0.1

Iron Clang by Unstableuranium CC0.1

Turret Fire by Kodack CC0.1

Sci fi door by peepholecircus CC0.1

Spacedoor_open by davidworksonline CC0.1

SFX TRIO D TMF 01 by Oddworld CC0.1

SFX Door Open by Paul368 CC0.1

Hatch Seal by Paul368 CC0.1

Futuristic System Alarm by Azadea CC0.1

Scifi Microbrute 02 by unhacker CC0.1

Space Station Alarm by Moistgoatman CC0.1

Monster Screech by thegoose09 CC0.1

METAL Screech by metrostock99 CC0.1

From Free Sound

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